Real Estate

Residential and Commercial Purchases, Refinances, Seller Representation, Family Transfers, Municipal Dedications

In addition to the real estate transfers that are often involved in our probate, estate planning and business practice areas, a large part of our practice involves residential property, including review or preparation of residential contracts and leases and the closing of purchase or refinance transactions.

In South Carolina, real estate closings are considered the practice of law and must be performed by an attorney. The purchaser or borrower has the right to select the closing attorney. We may represent purchasers or sellers or both parties in a residential transaction, according to our clients’ preferences. We can assist by preparing notes and mortgages for family or seller financed transactions. If you would like a quote on fees for a real estate closing, please call and discuss with us the details of the transaction as our fees may vary based upon the type and complexity of the closing.

In addition to residential real estate practice, we perform commercial real estate closings, prepare lender documents and represent real estate developers, both commercial and residential, in municipal dedication matters.